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Home Plumbing Contractors

Deciding on the best plumbing contractor to take on your project can be nerve wrecking. Depending on where you live, if you do a basic Google search you may find dozens of plumbing contractors in your local area. Many of which may be unlicensed contractors working in your local area. Depending on the regulatory stature in your state, a plumbing company may be able to provide their services without a license.

Here is Massachusetts all plumbing contractors must have a license in order to perform plumbing work. Although, there are instances where another type of contractor may be able to perform a home improvement project without having a plumbing license. In those instances, a home improvement contractor must be registered through the state. Also, a home improvement contractor is limited in the scope of work that they can perform. Typically, such contractors can only perform plumbing work covered under the permit that they pull for the project at hand. These contractors cannot provide routine plumbing services on tenement houses with 4 units or greater.

Our team has been involved in many home improvement projects and based on our experience, roughly 50 – 60 percent of those projects had a licensed plumbing contractor on site. The remaining percentage of projects had a registered home improvement contractor on site. Given that home plumbing and stair redesign projects have a project duration time of 3-4 months, we will typically see a licensed plumber called in to perform major structural renovations.

In the city of Brockton MA as well as surrounding cities such as Stoughton MA and Easton MA, we have seen a rising interest of homeowners hiring licensed plumbers to complete large home plumbing redesign projects. We believe that this rise is directly correlated to some of the local legal proceedings and pending law suits by home owners. The majority of those pending law suits are against unlicensed plumbing contractors and unregistered home improvement contractors.

Homeowners must make sure that when hiring a licensed plumber to complete a home plumbing and stair redesign project that they obtain the plumbers license number prior to signing any contract agreement. Homeowners can easily lookup a plumbers license number on the mass.gov website to ensure that a license is still active. We have seen some cases where plumbers have let their license expire and have continued to work claiming that they are a licensed plumber.

There have been publicized instances in western Massachusetts in the cities of Worcester and Springfield MA where plumbers have fraudulently obtained another plumber’s license number. These fraudsters have even gone so far to openly and blatantly post another plumber’s license number on their own work trucks and vehicles. We were made aware of one plumber in Springfield who performed over 200 jobs under another plumber’s license in the span of 24 months. We were shocked and utterly disgusted to hear the news that someone would do such a thing. However, we were glad to find that in the end this fraudster was caught and was severely fined for his wrong doing.

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