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Landscape & Tree Care

Although our team primarily focuses attention on home plumbing and and stair design, there is also the need to stay at the forefront when it comes to landscape and tree design. Many homeowners neglect to properly care for and maintain their lawns in the northeast, especially in New England. After all, winter months are very harsh and routine lawn care and treatment is a must in this part of the country. Many homeowners also neglect their hardscape in this area as well. You will find that New England has many old oak and maple trees.

Given the abundance of oak trees and maple trees in New England, it is extremely important to have a licensed arborist properly care for your trees. Many homeowners fail to thoroughly research a tree company that not only performs routine tree services such tree removal and stump grinding but also tree care maintenance. Just like any other industry, not all tree arborists are created equal or should I say, are equally trained or competent in their profession. In fact, through our findings we discovered that approximately 65% of tree companies in New England have the necessary training to properly care for oak and maple trees. One Attleboro tree service company in particular in Attleboro MA is considered highly skilled and experienced, Attleboro Tree Service Pros has been a local leader in the industry for many years.They deliver outstanding service and are referred by many residents in the local area.

Experience and training can make a world of a difference when it comes to hiring a qualified arborist or lawn care specialist. Our team typically stays away from the average landscape company for the simple fact that the majority have very little knowledge and experience in the industry. In this trade field you will find that the majority have very little training when it comes to proper lawn care and maintenance.

This brings us to another hot topic in the landscape and tree service industry which is accepted practices and common standards. As with any industry, there is a considerable difference of opinion among well respected arborists and landscape specialists. Some typically accept common practices that have been introduced many many years ago and have a difficult time adopting new advances in agricultural technology. Over the last decade there have been some considerable breakthroughs in the area of lawn agriculture as well as plant horticulture. Early adopters have utilized advancements in technology and tree science to improve application of chemical treatment.

Not only has the application of chemical treatment changed the way trees, plants, schrubs and lawns are maintained. It has also advanced the growth cycle and life expectancy of many trees and plants. In fact, our team has gained an in depth knowledge and understanding of lawn and tree care over this past year. Although neither Larry and I intend to change our area of experience anytime soon, we greatly appreciate the advanced knowledge and experience that we’ve acquired.

In conclusion, with the advancements in tree science and agriculture over the last decade, it is important for homeowners in the northeast to properly research a local lawn specialist and arborist who has expertise in this area. Unfortunately the majority have very little knowledge of proper lawn care and tree maintenance which is vital in ensuring good lawn and tree health.

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