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Plumbing and Stair Redesign Contractors Convention

As many of you who frequent this blog and who have worked with our team, know that we all look forward each year to the Annual Plumbing and Stair Contractors Convention. Jean and I have personally presented some of our best projects over the years at the annual convention and have meet some great folks. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Zack Thomas. Let me tell you about the annual convention. Tom Graves and Larry Holmes dedicate so much time and effort each year to ensure that the convention is a great success. Our team here can’t say enough good things about how coordinated and well planned things given the number who attend this large event.

For those of you who are new to the industry, many of the seasoned professionals who’ve been around the block are always willing to help out newcomers. Especially many of those experienced pros who take great pride in their craftsmanship and skill. Afterall, plumbing and stair redesign is a very specific niche within the home plumbing improvement industry and many contractors have very little knowledge of the niche. Many inexperienced plumbers can’t grasp the concept given that from a trades perspective you in essence must be highly skilled and trained in both plumbing and carpentry.

With that said, the annual convention is a great professional development opportunity for some folks who are new to the industry as well as those who have a passion to grow their skill set by learning more about plumbing and stair redesign. I’ve been attending the convention for 7 years and have had the opportunity to take my family with me on travel to the annual convention. The annual convention has been hosted in some of the most beautiful cities in the United States – Tempe AZ, Houston TX, Orlando FL, Charlotte NC and Atlanta GA and Boston MA. The convention has grown each and every year since I’ve been attending. I believe participant numbers in the early days ranged from 200-400 professionals and visitors alike. As of last year, I believe the total number of visitors who attended the 3-day convention was around 7,400. That’s a remarkable success for Tom and Larry given that the annual convention is beginning to draw in more plumbing contractors from France and Germany.

I was able to reach out to Tom and Larry recently and asked if they would be able to share some demographic information about the attendees at last year’s convention. Here is what I was able to gather:

USA – 3,251 (estimated)

Germany – 1,589 (estimated)

France – 872 (estimated)

Canada – 1,133 (estimated)

Portugal – 548 (Estimated) 

As we approach the summer, you know that excitement begins to get to some of us as we look forward to attending the convention to view the spectacular projects on display. Also, our team looks forward to meeting up with some of our acquaintances in the industry who we haven’t seen in awhile as well as connect with some newcomers. I’ve listed details about this year’s annual convention below.

Location: Providence Marriott Downtown – 1 Orms Street , Providence, RI

Date: June 28th, 29th and 30th

Time: 8a – 5p

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